Spring Diffuser Blends

by Michelle Czarka on Mar 31, 2023

Spring Diffuser Blends

In some parts of the country (all of the Pantry parts), it seems that winter will never end + that we are doomed to skip right over spring. 

To help ease these ongoing winter blues + get us in the spring spirit, we are happy to share some spring essential oil diffuser blends. 

Using a diffuser is not only a great way to add aroma to your home but it also contributes some much-needed humidity on these dry winter days. 

spring essential oil diffuser blends

Don’t have a diffuser? You can add the oils to a pan of simmering water on your stove.

Want to take the scents with you? Add a few drops of each blend to a wooden clothespin and attach to your vehicle’s heat vent.

Let us know if you try any of these and if so, which are your favorites.


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