Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil

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Stop picking those hangnails and get your mitts on our Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil.


Moisturize your cuticles, skin and nails with our nutrient rich Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil: a nourishing combination of jojoba and sweet almond oil infused with calendula, rose, and chamomile then topped with a proprietary blend of healing essential oils.

Packaged in 10 ml vial w/ stainless steel roller.

Refill size serves up 24 (!!) roller refills.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions3 × .5 × .5 in

10 ml. Roller, 8 oz. refill

4 reviews for Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil

  1. Suzanne Savage

    This is the best cuticle conditioner I have ever used! I received it as a gift a few weeks ago and my nails and cuticles have never looked better. And it smells fantastic!

  2. Akiko Fujii

    I got a present from my son last week.
     The oil smells nice scent of plants and flowers Nails will be lively. There is no stickiness.
    Although it feels light, the claws regain gloss..

  3. kelsypoo

    I work in healthcare and the constant washing of hands and use of hand sanitizer gave me the worst hangnails I’ve ever experienced! I also get these small patches of eczema between my fingers. I’ve been using this cuticle oil for two years now and just a simple application gives my hands the protection needed to keep my cuticles and hands moisturized! This product is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone working in healthcare.

  4. sadiecoons (verified owner)

    I was struggling to grow out my nails, they were dry and brittle. I did some research and learned that jojoba oil is an oil that is best for natural nail growth because it is an oil that is most similar to the natural oils in our skin. Because of this, our bodies will absorb jojoba oil the best. Not wanting just plain jojoba oil on my hands, I did more research and I came across this oil. I am in LOVE with everything about this!! The smell is AMAZING, it feels wonderful, and my nails have never been better! I apply this to my cuticles every night, morning, and afternoon if needed, and my nails have never looked or felt so good!! I recommend to everyone that asks about my nails.

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