Refresh + Repair Serum: Hydrating + Anti-Aging Serum

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Our custom-blended Refresh + Repair Serum will leave your skin looking vibrant, youthful, and hydrated!

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Using a high concentration of quality ingredients, Pantry’s Refresh + Repair Serum penetrates your skin faster and more effectively than commercially available creams and lotions. Our serum is ideal for problems such as age spots, sun damage and fine lines.

Apply day + night to freshly cleaned skin. Do not apply to dirty skin.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Rosehip Oil, Carrotseed oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E, a proprietary blend of geranium, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, and rosemary essential oils

Handmade and hand-tested in small batches in downtown Reno, NV

Vegan | Vegetarian | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free


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Weight6 oz

5 reviews for Refresh + Repair Serum: Hydrating + Anti-Aging Serum

  1. Victoria Ferretti

    I purchased this serum from a gift shop in Lake Tahoe. I was so excited about the results of using the serum – I used it even in the mornings and my skin was so soothed and felt so supple that I chose to forego foundation. It magically evened the blotchy coloration, gave my skin a glow, and smoothed out the beginning wrinkles in my skin. I love the feel of this product.
    I used it in the morning and the evening everyday and the bottle lasted me about 2 months. Since I’ve run out I’ve gone back to moisturizer like I used to use but it isn’t the same. Time to order another bottle of serum! Amazing product and what a great introduction to the high quality products belonging to The Pantry.

  2. vader.trost

    I work at a boutique and for a little while we had some Pantry Products in the shop, and I was curious so I got this serum. Mind you I am 17 years old so I have a fair amount of acne, but trying this was a lifesaver. My forehead bumps disappeared and my dry skin is never flakey anymore; I just ran out of the bottle after using it for nearly 5 months. This is a staple in my routine and I will for sure be purchasing more in the future.

  3. Jed Crooks

    The wife bought this at a boutique in Maine on holiday. I started using it to help with my face. I’ve been a heavy drinker for years and have since stopped. And started using this and am very happy I have. I use it right after the nighttime and morning showers. It has done wonders. Has a nice, subtle citrus like scent with frankincense in the background. I highly recommend it. My complexion has improved dramatically in the last 30 days

  4. bricampbell (verified owner)

    This is my favorite serum to use when my face really needs a boost of moisture. I wake up with a refreshed face and it isn’t too heavy on my combination skin. I also use it after a microdermabrasion treatment for that extra boost and it’s perfect.

  5. khouly1023 (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite product. This is like having magical fairies repair your skin overnight. Just a pump repairs damage, evens out blotchiness, eliminates the look of wrinkles, and refreshes my skin. This has been a miracle for me.

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