Apple + Cinnamon Exfoliating Skin Mask



An apple a day is great for the body + glorious for your skin.

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Available September 15th!

What can’t apples do!? They are enriched with vitamin C + other antioxidants, promote collagen production, are anti-inflammatory, soothe sensitive skin + they can help fade pigmentation over time. Ground cinnamon + orange peel help to brighten so your skin will be ready for all the fall selfies. 🙂

Ingredients: organic apple powder, organic ground cinnamon, organic orange peel

Directions: mix 1 Tablespoon of powder with liquid of your choice until well-combined. (We love this mask mixed with apple cider vinegar + water or honey and crushed oats)

Apply gently in a circular motion to skin. Allow to sit 5 mins then rinse off.

Since cinnamon can be warming to certain skin types, please spot test before using + rinse off if skin starts to get hot. 

Suggested mixing ingredients: apple cider v

Packaged in 2 oz. clear glass jar with twist on lid.

Organic | Vegan | Cruelty-free

Handmade in SLC, UT


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