20 Minute Candles – Mindfulness Candles


Put daily, restorative time back into your day.



***These will be back in stock 12/21. They sell fast so we are making them available for pre-order***

Cultivate quiet + renewal with 20 Minute Candles.  From reading to praying, journaling, quieting the mind or helping you focus on a particular task for 20 minutes – use each candle whatever way will help you the most.

Each handmade, beeswax candle included burns 20ish minutes + is the perfect way to encourage yourself (and others) to pause + build in 20 minutes of the wellness activity you need most each day.

7-Day Sample Set, $14 – 7 candles, 1 base/candle holder + 7 wooden matches

20-Day Set, $30 – 20 candles + 1 base/candle holder + box of matches


Candle Coaster, $2
Some people like a little security when they use a 20 Minute candle. This candle coaster is an extra layer to put between your 20 Minute Candle and the surface you have it resting on.

Handmade in Michigan, Woman-Owned.

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20-Day, 7-Day, Candle Coaster


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