Managing Maskne
You don’t need to be an essential worker wearing protective gear for hours every day to have noticed a skin reaction after wearing a face mask. (Shout outs of gratitude to our essential workers!). This unfortunate side effect, known as mask acne, or ‘maskne,’ can plague us all.

Maskne occurs when sweat, skin oils, and bacteria are trapped on the skin. Face masks can cause further irritation due to rubbing against the skin, which can damage the skin’s protective barrier, or by trapping moisture. This type of acne is called acne mechanica, which includes any skin issues due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching. It’s different from other kinds of acne (like the pimples that show up around your period, for example, which are hormonal) because it occurs only in areas where the mask sits against the skin. In healthy skin, there are normal amounts of bacteria and yeast present, but when pores become clogged because of excess sweat and moisture from masks, these organisms overgrow, leading to pimples or acne cysts.

The warm, humid weather in the summer months can make mask acne especially cruel. The combination of sweat, oil, and moisture from breathing under the mask can lead to clogged pores. In addition, the friction and chafing of the mask in contact with the moist skin can cause the skin to break down. Unfortunately, winter air won’t do much to resolve maskne either. The mask rubbing against your drier-than-usual skin can cause the hair follicles to break open, which then allows acne-causing bacteria into the skin.

• cleansing
• enzymatic exfoliation
• extractions
• customized skin mask
• LED blue light therapy
• neck & shoulder massage
• cold roll therapy
• moisturizer to lock in all the goodness!

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