Do you know how we got our name, Pantry Products? Before we had production space and bulk ingredients and our local shops, Michelle was whipping up natural products for her friends + family with ingredients from… you guessed it… her kitchen pantry! ?⁠

We’re heading back to our roots and teaching you all how to treat yourself with ingredients that are hiding in your kitchen, in a new series we’re calling “Quarantine Beauty Routine!” These recipes will be quick + easy ways to have some fun and pamper yourself without leaving the house.⁠

This time, we’ll be teaching you how to make a lemon and baking soda face mask. ? Lemon balances the skin, leaving you with a natural glow. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and can brighten up dark spots over time. The baking soda will act as a powerful microdermabrasion and leave you with healthy, radiant, glowing skin. ? (Love this sound of this but not into DIY? Grab a tub of Pantry’s Honey + Lemon Exfoliating Face Scrub). ⁠

Here’s what you’ll need:⁠
• 1/2 lemon⁠
• 2 Tbsp. baking soda⁠

Start by cutting your lemon in half. Slowly sprinkle the baking soda over the sliced half. Gently rub the lemon half over your face in circular motions for about 10 minutes (be careful around your eyes!) Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. If you’d like, you can also mix the lemon juice and baking soda in a bowl to form a paste, and apply that mixture directly to your skin. ⁠

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Unlike fairy tales and Hollywood movies, the best dreams do not come to life merely by chance. They are realized when one is open to the opportunities the universe affords them and when someone is not only able to identify a problem but to provide a feasible solution. When someone dares to say out loud that something is missing from the world + that they want to be the brave soul who takes on the challenge of filling the void. This exact situation occurred when Pantry Products’ founder, Michelle identified the need for truly natural, truly chemical-free products consumers could turn to in a misleading and toxin-filled personal care market.

In 2015, upon realizing what was hidden in the mass-produced personal care products on her shelves and how simply these same products could be crafted naturally, Michelle began whipping up health + wellness goodies for her friends + family with items she sourced from her kitchen pantry (in case you wondered where the name “Pantry” can from).

She applied her lifetime of crafting, her nearly two decades in corporate marketing, and her tireless work ethic to bring Pantry from her teeny Reno kitchen to her first storefront in less than 6 months. Since then, Pantry Products has grown to over 90 products, 3 brick + mortar locations, and 100s of wholesale stockists across the U.S. But, not without A LOT of hard work, late nights, and support from her personal network, and her dedicated Pantry team members.

Pantry’s first store. located in The Basement,  was known as The Pantry Vault because it was located inside an old, you guessed it, vault. This teeny space was less than 200 square feet and housed a handful of products on shelves custom-built using copper pipes reclaimed from The Basement. With just one shop employee helping Michelle (when she wasn’t working her full-time Marketing job), this little space was home for retail operations but also product production. Everything from lip balms to hand soaps and face masks to bath bombs was created in this space, by these two. The Vault was where many of our customers first met us, drawn in by the smells emanating from this concrete cave. People tentatively walked in, discovered what we were doing, and selected products to try out. These same people still visit us today and have been crucial in the growth Pantry has experienced.  It was in this space that our photographer, Abbey Kay, first discovered our hand soap + coffee body polish + was instantly hooked.

Within a matter of months, we out grew our beloved (but limited) Vault. When a shop space in The Basement offering better visibility, running water, a closet, and 2 windows (this is huge in a basement) opened up around the corner from The Vault, we didn’t hesitate to snag it up. It was larger than The Vault which allowed us to increase our production capabilities, grow our product line, and increase our staff. It also meant more room for new + existing customers to peruse our handmade wares.

Since we were able to offer more products in this space, we kept dreaming,  growing, and coming up with new ways to push the limits of what we thought Pantry Products could be and achieve. We also enjoyed inventing new ways to decorate our favorite feature: the window light well. It’s seen everything from hay stacks and pumpkins to a fully decorate Christmas tree and 7′ inflated flamingo floatie resting on hundreds of beach balls.  It’s still one of our highlights of this space.

In 2018, we moved into our second Reno location on Wells Avenue. This space was nearly four times the size of our store inside The Basement + it was key in helping to again expand the production side of Pantry Products.  This new space allows to house more back stock to meet the demand from our retail and wholesale customers, provides a private space to host our workshops, + a roomy place to create more products.


Our next adventure will be opening up shop in Detroit, Michigan where boss lady Michelle was raised. We are so excited to head back to her roots + to share the Pantry Products we love with the city that she loves. Who says you can’t go home again?

(exterior mock-up of Pantry Detroit)

We’ve enjoyed being a part of your lives over the years + we can’t wait to add even more joy to your home through clean products. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

– The Pantry Team

An essential oil is a natural oil that is derived from a plant or flower for its scent or healing properties and, when the right kinds of oils are blended together, they can do magnificent things for our well being. Awareness of essential oils has become popular over the past few years, but they have been used for generations as a remedy to all types of maladies.

At Pantry Products, we employ essential oils in every product we craft because they offer a healthy + natural remedy to common afflictions that attempt to disrupt our every day lives. Today, we’re highlighting our line of Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends + sharing how you can employ these lovely oils as part of your daily routine.


When Life Gives You Oils, Roll With It!

Sometimes life hands you things you can’t control. Headaches, bug bites, cramps, sore muscles + colds are something none of us want to deal with, but, lucky for you, we have solutions to help you roll with it!

Long day at work or long day of being active? Reach for our Aches + Pains Roller Ball to help soothe soreness away anywhere you have stiffness and discomfort.

A headache is no one’s friend. The blend of basil + peppermint oils in our Noggin Healer Roller Ball will help to relieve the pounding with just a few swipes across your forehead + temples. 

Pestered by pesky bugs? The Bite Me! Roller Ball is a perfect bug bite soother after those troublesome buggers take a bite out of your skin + your joy. Simply roll it on the bite + say goodbye to itching and scratching.

Enjoy the weather, don’t feel under it with our Force Field Roller Ball. Apply this immunity-boosting blend to your pulse points to help prevent catching a case of the cooties.

All of us ladies know how miserable we can feel when that “time of the month” arrives. Pack away the pain pills and heating pads and reaching for our Happy Cramper Roller Ball instead! It also is helpful with unpleasant lower back pain, as well.

Peace, Sleep + Rock n’ Rollin’

Do you ever feel just a little out of it, unfocused, and/or sleep deprived? Well, with the help of the next four roller balls we might be able to fix that.

If you’ve sworn off your morning caffeine or need an extra boost of energy to start (or continue) the day, our Rise + Shine Roller Ball helps to lift that morning fog so you can start your day out right.

If that tired feeling is the result of a less-than-restful sleep, incorporate our Sweet Dreams Roller Ball into your nighttime routine. Apply this slumber inducer to your temples, wrists, or right under your nose to help welcome in sweet sleep.

Feeling a little anxious? Our Serenity Now Roller Ball was custom-formulated to help promote peace + balance. So, brew up your favorite tea, grab a good book + roll it on to get back in balance.

Sometimes though, you’re ready to check things off your to-do list like yesterday. That’s when our Get Sh*t Done Roller Ball comes in handy. It is the perfect blend of essential oils to help boost your focus so you can cross off those items on your to-do list. 

Rollin’ On The Oils

Aging, wrinkles + scars should be carried with pride because they mean you have a story to tell. But, sometimes we need to give these areas a little TLC. This is where our beauty-focused roller balls come in handy. Our Fountain of Youth Roller Ball features healing and skin-cell rejuvenating oils to targets age spots + reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.

The Ain’t Scarred Roller Ball is our scar reducer blend of rosehip, argan + essential oils that will help fresh scar to heal quicker and healthier. Over time, the oil will assist with fading the visibility of those battle wounds.

For those of you who suffer with fever blisters + cold sores, fight back with our No’ Mo’ Cold Sore Roller Ball. Packed with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial + anti-microbial essential oils, this roller remedy will quickly become your best friend!

Read what some of our customers have to say about our Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends:

“The Aches & Pains roller ball is amazing! As someone who has used multiple medications for headaches, natural remedies, and even visits to a neurologist, this stuff works and it works fast! I would recommend for migraines, headaches, even sinus pressure. This is the BEST.”        – Christine

“I bought happy cramper last month when my cramps were keeping me in bed all day. I had taken pain killers galore and they did nothing, but as soon as I put on happy cramper, my pain was relieved! I have never been more pleased with a product. Anyone who is concerned with the price for a small roller ball: don’t be! it is so worth it. Highly recommend!!!!!”      – Samantha 

Without a doubt, we have a roller ball remedy for just about any hurdle life throws your way and, if we don’t, just ask us. We love to create custom remedies for our fans.

Have you tried our Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends? If so, comment below on which is your favorite.

Be sure to also follow us over on Instagram where we share more info + insight into our products + production and be sure to enter our weekly product giveaways.


– The Pantry Team

This is a question our team receives nearly every day from visitors to our stores.  With so many lovely items to choose from, it’s difficult to select just one but, we recently posed this question to our team members. Below is what they’ve selected as the handcrafted Pantry products they simply can’t live without.

Alissa, Retail Manager

Pack Your Bags: Neroli Eye Serum is magical. It’s a wonderful remedy to morning puffy eyes, and with Neroli being a sedative and stress reducer, it makes for an ideal part of the night routine! Armpit Detox is my #2 because being that the main ingredients in most deodorant brands today are very toxic, the armpit detox is brilliant. It lessens the need for deodorant entirely + frees my mind of worry.”


Taylor, Project Manager









“The Aloe + Chamomile Cream is THE BEST stuff there is. It’s a perfect creamy consistency to that is just hydrating enough but not too greasy. I use it every night before bed paired with the Pack Your Bags roller and every few days I use the Vanilla Mint Lip Scrub. (Pro-tip: I also use the lip scrub to exfoliate my face and it works wonders).

Sunnah, Shop Assistant
Nourishing Night-Time Cream is my favorite product, not only to use, but also to make! I love its nutritious ingredients, especially the neroli, rosehip, and aloe vera. Not only does it help heal my skin but it does so at the best time, at night! Neroli has really helped me settle my nerves because it lowers cortisone in the brain which has made a huge difference with my PTSD and depression, so I wake up feeling well moisturized, topically nourished, and happy to start the day.”

Erik, Wholesale Manager

“My favorite product we make is the Shampoo Bar. I switched over to shampoo bar a year ago and noticed my hair is way softer than when I used liquid shampoo. And I don’t need to use a conditioner.”

Scott, Shop Assistant

“My favorite product is the Grapefruit Mint Shave Gel. The razor glides so smoothly on my face and neck after using it that I don’t get any irritation like I do with other shaving creams or gels. I love the fresh scent and the soothing aloe vera keeps your face feeling cool and refreshed afterwards.”

Hawa, Shop Assistant

Nourishing Night-Time Cream has been one of my favorite products so far. Neroli has been such an uplifting ingredient. The smell is calming before bed and the active response my skin receives from neroli’s benefits of cell reproduction influences me to use it in the morning as well. My go-to routine day n’ night.”

Abbey Kay, Photographer

“I love the dry shampoo because it works so well, doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky like aerosol dry shampoo can, and it smells like chocolate! It’s the best dry shampoo I have tried and I use it every single day.”

Michael, General Manager

“I love this oil cleanser as the oil and friction of applying it really exfoliates my skin. Removing it with a hot face cloth really further cleans my skin, opening the pores and giving me a true clean.”

Michelle, Owner

“I literally crave our Nighttime Repair Serum. It’s lightweight, incredibly moisturizing, and it smells like heaven! The combination of jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oils help keep my skin hydrated without clogging my pores while our blend of carrotseed, rosehip, and essential oils work to balance, rejuvenate, and brighten my (oft-overworked, under-pampered) skin.    

Lou divides his time between “supervising” and exploring. To ensure he looks + feels his best no matter the activity, he reaches for Pantry’s Puppy Paw Protectant.

Winnie +  Chase 

Pantry’s fashionista pups choose the Dirty Dog Wash as their favorites, paws down!






What are your must-have favorite Pantry Products? We would love to know, so tell us below!

Have a great day!
– The Pantry Team

Life can be so busy at times. We take care of our own lives by doing the typical “adulting” responsibilities like paying bills, cooking, working, cleaning, exercising, and then we also tend to take care of those around us. We help a friend in need. We tend to our kids when they’re sick. We bring meal to a loved one during a hard time. We volunteer at local shelters. We show up for those around us. But when was the last time you took a moment to stop and think about taking care of yourself? We know you don’t have all the time in the world, nobody does. But we’re here to remind you that taking care of yourself helps you to better take care of those around you.

Below are some simple ways to treat yourself through self-care techniques and natural products:

Soak Away the Stress

Our skin can always use a little extra TLC and, at Pantry Products, we have some lovely products to help you take care of you…naturally. Draw up a warm bath and pour in one of our many bath time treats like the Warming Chai Milk Bath or the Pretty In Pink Sea Salt Soak. Or, if loads of suds is more your cup of tea, slip into a tub of bubbles courtesy of our I Like Big Bubbles & I Cannot Lie.

While you’re soaking away, treat your skin to one of our Clay Masks and your hair to our Organic Coconut & Honey Hair Masque. Your face will be toned, exfoliated and cleanser and your locks will be hydrated and happy. Team these tub-time treats with your favorite drink or book to really start relaxing. We can see the stress melting away already.

Can You Smell The Love Tonight?

Remember how we talked about not having all the time in the world? We get that. Here are a few ways to freshen up the air around you in just a few quick minutes.

Use our Air + Linen Spray around your living room or office to quickly enhance the air that you’re breathing. Simple, effective, clean.

Want to really set a special mood? Light one of our Hand Poured Soy Candles in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom to fill the space with heavenly aromas. Our 16 oz. candles feature a crackling wood wick to really bring on cozy vibes.  


Treat Yo’ Hands + Feet

We use our hands and feet every single day, but do we actually take care of them? Well, we should be. Whether it’s a quick treatment before bed or in between emails and meetings, there are so many quick and easy ways to treat our appendages. With harsh winter upon us, it’s the ideal time to show them some love.

Our Gardener’s Hand Salve is a great healer of dry, cracked hands and heels. Bonus, the essential oil blend featuring rose, lavender, and chamomile conjure up memories of warm summer days.

Looking for a little exfoliation with your hydration? Grab a jar of our Body Polish.  The combination of sugar and oils smooth out + hydrate dry hands as well as chapped lips, flaky legs, and any other body part that could use a little love.

Are you cuticles looking red and ragged? Give them some extra love with our Nail & Cuticle Essential Oil. The blend of nourishing sweet almond and jojoba oil combined with healing essential oils will heal those babies in a jiffy!

Lastly, take care of those tootsies with our Peppermint Foot Salve . It is a must for hydrating your feet and can be done while you sleep. We don’t think it gets any easier than that!

Natural Sunburn Treatment

Self-Love Activities

We know that not everybody’s ideal relaxation is sitting still. Some of us unwind by being active. Don’t worry, we see you too!

For our yoga loving pals, book that class or take 30 minutes to breathe on your mat at home. Either way, don’t forget to use our Yoga Room & Mat Spray to keep your mat and space smelling fresh.

If being one with nature is how you choose to pause and reflect then grab our outdoor products to protect, prevent, and soothe you from Nature’s delights. Our SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick is easy to apply and naturally protects you from harmful rays using coconut oil, beeswax, non-nano zinc, and carrot seed oil.

Protect your precious lips from winter’s harsh realities with our Hand Poured Lip Balms. With so many delicious flavors, there’s no excuse for chapped lips.

After your outdoor adventure is complete, treat your body to our Soothing Arnica Muscle Salve. Infused with arnica flowers, cayenne pepper, and ginger, it’s the ideal balm to help relax those burning muscles.

We hope we’ve helped you realize how easy it is to pamper yourself naturally and at home using Pantry Products. At Pantry Products, our focus is to make products that help you take care of you. We develop and handcraft goods that are plant-based with a purpose, that are good for you, and for the world around you.  So, while life may get a tad bit busy, remember that it’s easy to stop, even if just for a moment, treat yourself to some love and self-care!


– The Pantry Team


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The holidays are here & we are so excited to be rolling out our exclusive holiday scents. Candy Cane, Sierra Pine, Hollymint, Hot Cocoa…whatever your favorite, Pantry Products will have you + your home smelling like holiday heaven in a jiff. We’re also a pretty sweet one-stop shop for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, + presents for all of your family, coworkers, + friends. Take a look at what we rounded up as our favorite Pantry Products gifts to help spread some love & joy this holiday season.

There’s just something cozy about a candle. Gift our Sierra Pine & Hot Cocoa soy candles are perfect to match with a warm beverage, blanket, + fuzzy socks for the perfect gift for that friend who loves a night in with a good book or Hallmark movie. Bonus: our 16 oz candles feature a crackling wood wick to help really set the mood.

What’s better than waking up on Christmas morning and peering way down into your stocking to find the best little treasures? When you give Pantry Products Lip Balm, you can relive that exact feeling. Our holiday scents include Hollymint, Hot Cocoa, Simply Cinnamon, + Gingerbread and feature festively-colored caps.

Our handmade, organic bar soaps make for the perfect addition to a gift basket or bag and offered in delish scents like Cinnamon + Ginger  or  Cocoa + Mint, they’re a delightful treat!

We all need a little bit of self-care during + after the holidays. What better way to treat someone on your list than with one of our Sea Salt Soaks. Help them relax + warm up with one of the many we make. Our Warming Chai Milk Bath is a favorite right followed closely by  Pretty In Pink Sea Salt Soak  

Aaaand we saved the best for last! Our Candy Cane Trio is a must-have for the Christmas crazy in your life. Candy Cane Hand + Body Lotion, Candy Cane Body Polish +  Candy Cane Hand Wash are the perfect way to say “Treat yourself!” during the holidays! Buy all three for yourself, or gift one + keep two because we know you won’t be able to resist this holiday scent!

Check out our website to see all the other fun everyday products we offer. Like our Make Up Primer + Setting Spray, I Like Big Bubbles & I Cannot Lie Bubble Bath, Room Essential Spray, Dirty Dog Wash, Beard Oil, + Yoga Room + Mat Spray.

Not sure you know what they want? We have gift cards too! Come in + grab one for the Pantry lover in your life.

Both of our Pantry locations (Wells Ave. + The Basement) are open everyday during the holidays & we are eager to help you find the perfect gift or help curate a custom gift basket! And of course, our online shop is open for business around the clock + we offer free in-store pick up!

Happy Holidays from Michelle + the Pantry team, we hope you enjoy all the pleasures + treasure of the season and that you soak in all of its joy, tradition + giving!

Be sure to Follow us over on our Facebook + Instagram for daily doses of holiday fun leading up to the big day!

Is it just us or does it seem like there’s a crispness to the air now that September is here? Trust us, while we hate to say goodbye to sweet summer, it’s always so nice to get to welcome in fall. Its burst of color + piling on extra layers is like a big warm hug. Fall makes us giddy to get cozy and to indulge in all the new scents that it brings. Think chai + cardamom, vanilla + cinnamon, clove + nutmeg. Ooooh, all those wonderful autumn spices. Are you feeling fall too? Let us spice up your life + your home with our 100% all-natural fall essential goodies. From our soy candles to our body polishes, we have everything you need to kick off the start of fall.


Spice up the Bathroom

There’s nothing more soothing than nicely scented air, so try out our Air + Linen Spray in scents like Cardamom + Clove or even Vanilla + Spice to make your bathroom, bedroom, really anywhere in your home,  a relaxing spot. Spray some into the air in between bathroom visits or even before you hop into the shower to create a relaxing vibe.

Warm up those chilly fall showers with our Autumn Spice Body Polish. It was literally made for this time of year!

And why not grab some Cardamom + Clove scented hand soap that we just know your guests will love using all season long. Also available in Vanilla + Clove, Orange + Clove, and Vanilla + Spice too!

Cozy in the Home

Nothing says fall more like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven + candles lit while you wait for them to bake. Our Soy candles that are made in house & we think that our Salted Rain or Autumn Harvest scent is perfect for those cloud covered days that are always so mesmerizing.

While, we are pretty obsessed with lattes, we are more obsessed with our Spiced Chai handpoured lip balm. Keep those kissers hydrated while you breathe in the scent of the best fall drink around (sorry, PSL).

And what better way to get your hands ready for the dryness of winter than to treat them to our Coconut + Chai Lotion.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you’re a sucker for the scents of fall and just can’t decide on one item, pick up our bundle trio filled with all your seasonal favorites. You can find both in our Reno locations, inside The Basement + over on Wells. Our favorite combo is the Vanilla + Spice Hand Lotion, the Autumn Spice Body Polish, & the Cardamom + Clove Hand Soap. But really, you cant go wrong with any combo that you choose!

We hope you’re enjoying the transition into cooler weather! As always, over here at the Pantry we are thrilled to be a part of your all natural home & skincare needs, from the heart of our pantry to yours!

– The Pantry Team

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Blue skies, the warmest weather, the best of moods, & that can only mean on thing: summer is here! Over here at Pantry we absolutely love this time of year, whether it’s taking Lou for an evening walk, heading up to beautiful Lake Tahoe for a cooling dip, floating our full as can be Truckee River, or heading for a quick drive up to beloved Truckee, we can’t get enough of this season! And of course, we never leave our faithful Pantry Products behind during any of these adventures. Take a look below at our favorite ways that you can bring Pantry along while you have some fun in the sun this summer!

Natural Sunburn Treatment

Who doesn’t love a lake day? If you didn’t raise your hand that’s probably because you’re one of those people who gets sun burnt even sitting in the shade! Well, we’ve got you covered, literally! Our Sunscreen Stick is a perfect & easy way to apply protection to your skin while you’re basking in the summer sun. Say good-bye to red skin & the painful days following that always seemed so inevitable. And if you do happen to get just a little bit too much sun, we after an Cooling After-Sun Spray that is sure to soothe that skin & get it back to feeling %100 again. A good & long oatmeal bath will help too!


Are you headed on a beach vacation? Or maybe going camping for a week straight? We have the perfect product to help tame your hair while you hone in on enjoying all the relaxing. Our Himalayan Sea Salt Hair + Body Spray is perfect for those desirable beach curls that aren’t always easy to get. Now, it’ll be a breeze to get the look! You’re welcome.

Adventures with your pup are a hard thing to pass up during the summer months. They love it. You love it. Everybody loves it. Except maybe your home once they’ve ran through the mud & dragged in every bit of pollen imaginable with them. Lucky for you, we have a Dirty Dog Wash that’ll do the trick of being opposite it’s name & getting your dog nice & clean & ready for a summer snooze. We also have an all-natural Dog Deodorant to help keep your pup smelling good during the high rising heat.

Hikes are fun, they feel right! Except for when you get a bug bite! Ouch. Be sure to pick up our Bite Me! Roller Ball Remedy before you head into the mountains for the day! Fits in your pocket & is so easy to apply & use. Made with essentials oils, so it’s all-natural too! Hooray for that! It would be a great addition to your 4th of July celebrations as well. Nobody wants to watch the fireworks while critters bug you! But, if something does happen to get a nibble of your skin this summer, use a bit of apple cider vinegar to help it go away in a jiff!


We hope you enjoy summer & have a Happy 4th of July! Be sure to stop in & see us at our Wells Ave. location or come on down to The Basement! And follow along on our Instagram to see how we’ll be celebrating Independence Day this year!


– The Pantry Team

Happy June, Pantry fans! It is almost time to celebrate +  thank the dads & father figures in our lives for all they have done for us over the years…including dad jokes, farts, and the occasionally overcooked steak. This upcoming Sunday, show dad you care with a gift from Pantry. Whether you have a bearded dad, an outdoorsy dad, or one that loves supporting local businesses, we have the perfect self-care products for the man in your life that has always taken care of you.


Take a Hike with Dad 

Does your dad love to explore the trails in Tahoe or does he go camping every weekend with the fam’ in tow? We have all the essentials he’ll need to make the day/trip a huge success! Pick him up our all-natural Sunscreen Stick to protect his skin from the harmful rays, we make it in SPF 30. We also have a Bugs-Be-Gone Spray that is perfect for those days in the mountains when you’re one with nature + not looking for anything to interrupt or bug you. To ensure he stays fresh and not funky, grab up an All-Natural Deodorant so he’s good to go all day long. I’m sure some Lip Balm will be helpful on those upcoming summer days as well. 

Make Groom For Dad 

What dad doesn’t need grooming products? We have Beard Oil for the dad who likes to let his face go wild. And we even have Soothing Shave Gel for when he’s ready to get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow & some Refreshing After Shave Spray for when the job’s all done. And because he’s such a bright influence in your life, I’m sure he’d love some Smile Brightening Tooth Paste to keep his pearly whites looking fresh.

Age Old Dad

Is your dad over the hill? Help him out with the day-to-day by gifting him one of our all-natural salves. We have a Soothing Muscle Salve + a Peppermint Foot Salve for the days he works just a little too hard. Our Gardener’s Hand Salve is perfect for the dad’s who work hard with their hands and our Sleep Salve is there to help him get a restful night so that he can tackle tomorrow full of energy.

Bundle Up For Dad

Not sure what he likes or need exactly? Be sure to stop in to pick up one of our curated gift baskets or create your own. Filled to the brim with our all-natural products like our Body Wash in Cedar + Lemongrass + other products that smell like “man”. You can’t go wrong with gifting him something that will help him look, feel, + smell oh so good!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Whether you’ve been a dad for a few week, a few years, or almost a lifetime, your wisdom, wit, life lessons, humor, + love are appreciated.

– The Pantry Team


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At Pantry, we celebrate our moms everyday but, for that one special day that’s all theirs, they deserve to be treated like the real queens they are.  Whether your mom is near or far, a new mom or one with decades of experience, into running or relaxing, we have the right gift for her. Scroll on down to see our Mother’s Day ideas for all the Moms in your life.

The New Mom

New Mom Nursing Salve

What does a new mom need more than anything? Some all natural products for her littlest love!  Spoil the new mom or soon-to-be mom in your life with our Nourishing Tummy Cream + our Baby Bum Cream & Powder. And to keep mom and baby healthy, banish germs with our natural Hand Sanitizer.

The Outdoorsy Mom

Natural Sunscreen

Nobody bends over backwards for you like the active and adventurous mom in your life. Pick up our Yoga Room & Mat Spray for her zen time or, if your mom prefers to exercise outside, gift her our Bugs-Be-Gone Spray  + SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick. Ensure she says radiant and protected with anyone of our SPF 15 Lip Balms in scents like Rosemary + Lemon or Honey + Lavender.

The Dog MomNatural Pet Products

Where my dog mom’s at? Bless the dog mom in your life with our Dirty Dog Wash & Dog Deodorant, or even our Puppy Paw Protector for the warmer days that are ahead. Or maybe she’d love a little Air & Linen Spray to take away any scent our furry friends can leave behind.  

The Homebody Mom

What do all moms need? A relaxing night in with no distractions & all sorts of relaxin’. Grab her a Soy Candle, a Bathtime Tea Trio, one of our Fun & Fizzy Bath Bombs, or any one of our Clay Masks to set up a night of “Mommy Me Time”. If she’s a mom with a sense of humor, treat to her to our I Like Big Bubbles & I Cannot Lie Bubble Bath.

The Radiant Mom

Charcoal | French Clay | Lavender Clay Mask

Is your mom into all things beauty related? We have plenty of products to give her so she can be naturally beautiful like our Makeup Brush Cleaner, Makeup Primer & Setting Spray, and all-natural Eye Makeup Remover.

The Traveling Mom

Aloe + Chamomile Lotion

For the mom who is always on the go for work or for play, we have plenty in our store for her days on the road. Bundle together our travel-sized Aloe & Chamomile Hydrating Cream, Dry ShampooPack Your Bags Neroli Eye Serum, + our Refreshing Facial Mist in Rejuvenate so she’ll have all the home essential ready to go for whenever she is!

And if you’re looking for something fun to do with your mom, be sure to check out our Mother’s Day Tea Party: Health & Wellness Tea Workshop taking place at our Wells location in Reno.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms out there. You deserve all the praise, adoration, + cake this Sunday (and everyday!) for all that you do. Way to take on the hardest job there is + look good while doing it! We hope you have the best day spending time with the ones you love this weekend!

Cheers to all the moms  out there and  Happy Mother’s Day AND Birthday to Pantry mom, Carol! If it wasn’t for her, there would be no us. 😉

XO – The Pantry Team