Hello Pantry friends! Sarah here 🙂 I hope you all are happy, healthy and enjoying summer!

We are kicking off a new series, Natural Skincare Junkie, exploring Pantry Products skin care routines for all skin types. Not sure what type of skin you have? Take this quiz!

I have volunteered to go first so this week, we are talking about my skin type, which is dry + sensitive.

At Pantry, we’re not scientists or skin experts, but making natural skin + body care day in and day out has taught us a thing or two about how to treat our skin and how to help others do the same. As a “lucky” someone with dry/sensitive skin, these are my recommendations for my fellow dry and/or sensitive skin friends.

First off, figuring out your skin type is a lifelong pursuit. With sensitivity, hormones, hydration, diet, changing seasons, climate, and product ingredients, it can be really frustrating to understand what your skin is trying to tell you. AND your skin can completely change over time! Just when I think I have my skin type figured out.. BOOM! I’m back to square one.

Okay, a little backstory… My skin is VERY sensitive. I can’t tell you how many times “gentle” products have left me with a rash, hives or redness + irritation. And, my skin is generally very dry. Living in Nevada with little humidity definitely doesn’t help. A few years ago, I was experiencing major issues with my skin reacting poorly to skincare products.  I stumbled upon Pantry Products with my friend, bought a couple products, and boy… I was impressed! Because everything is made with natural essential oils and ingredients, my sensitive skin fell in love. When I learned more about the shop’s mission and values, I was hooked! So hooked, I reached out to Michelle in hopes of a job, and the rest is history! (P.S. thanks for hiring me, Michelle!)

My skin is far from perfect, but with a consistent + clean routine, it’s on track to being happy + healthy. And, keep in mind what works for me, may not work for you but hopefully this helps guide you to discovering what makes your skin happy. I have added a few random skin care tips, too! Here is my daily dry skin routine:

My morning routine starts with three things: brushing my teeth, washing my face, and making myself some coffee.

Tip #1 is to wash your face in the morning + night! I think many people skip washing their face in the morning. However, I have found that is a great way to wake up my skin and wash off any sweat + dirt still remaining in my pores. Your favorite face wash or soap should do the trick!

Next step is toner! Toners are really important in any skin care routine because they balance the pH levels in your skin. When your skin is balanced, it not only feels and looks better but it helps serums + moisturizers to go on more evenly. Tip #2 is to change up toners depending on what is going on with your skin! Lately, I have been struggling with more breakouts due to wearing a mask (p.s. is #mackne happening to anyone else?!). I have been loving the Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosewater Toner! Since ACV  is fantastic at helping skin find balance, we recommend this for all skin types. Aside from vinegar, it contains distilled water, rosewater, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, vitamin e,  frankincense, lavender, and tea tree essential oils. This toner has been great at combating my breakouts, but the rosewater and vegetable glycerin make it soothing + moisturizing enough for my skin type! When my skin is feeling it’s driest/most sensitive, I reach for another favorite: the Aloe + Rosewater Toner for  dry + normal skin types. This toner is made with rosewater, organic aloe juice, vegetable glycerin,  vitamin e, + tea tree essential oil, and is very gentle and hydrating.

Next, I use my Pack Your Bags Neroli Eye Serum under my eyes.  I love using this in the morning and at night! It is so refreshing with organic aloe gel, rosehip oil and neroli and lavender essential oils. All these great ingredients work together to calm under eye puffiness, banish bags, and smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Tip # 3 is to use Pantry Products in versatile ways! Because all of our products are made with all-natural + organic ingredients, they can serve many purposes. I will use the Pack Your Bags Neroli Eye Serum in other areas of my skin if I notice an extra dry spot. For example, I will simply apply a small amount on my finger + tap around my nose or in-between my brows. Out of all my recommendations, this product one on the top of my Pantry-must-haves. 



My other Pantry love is the Aloe + Chamomile Hydrating Cream! This is a long standing best seller for us, and for good reason! I was experiencing very unhappy skin for a few weeks. But this face cream soothed and calmed my skin back to a normal state. With a blend of organic aloe gel, sunflower oil, organic beeswax, and chamomile and rose essential oils, this cream is ideal for anyone with thirsty skin in need of serious hydration, or skin that is sensitive to products (a.k.a. me!). This stuff has the most luxurious, rich texture without being too greasy or heavy. It also smells wonderful and layers great under makeup! While most of our products last 12 mos +, this 2 oz jar expires after 6 mos. However, I find that I use it up in the perfect amount of time so none of it goes to waste. The 0.5 oz is a great little sample size to try it out + see how you like it, but I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone with dry/sensitive skin!



At night, I will wash my face again and reapply my toner. Then, I use a generous amount of the Refresh + Repair Serum. This product was formerly called “Nighttime Repair Serum” and although the name changed, the recipe is the same. This serum is another MUST for my dry skin. We use a high concentration of quality ingredients, so that the Refresh + Repair Serum will penetrate skin faster and more effectively than commercially available creams and lotions. This serum is ideal for problems such as dry+ age spots, sun damage and fine lines. My tip #4 is to use products that help reduce signs of aging, such as the Refresh + Repair Serum, even if you are not noticing any wrinkles, or dark spots. It’s better to be preventative and care for your skin consistently! The Refresh + Repair Serum is made with sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, rosehip oil, carrotseed oil, argan oil, vitamin E, a proprietary blend of geranium, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, and rosemary essential oils.



My final step at night is to apply my Nighttime Repair Cream. This face cream is rich and just what my dry skin craves at the end of the day. It is made with rosehip oil, which is full of great vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help correct dark spots + hydrate skin. It is so gentle + soothing, and free of gluten, parabens, sulphates, additives or any other harsh chemicals. Which brings me to my last tip… Tip #5! Your skincare routine should never stop at your face, but continue down your neck! I apply my Nighttime Repair cream all over my face + neck every night to get the most out of the product.

So, this is what my current day-to-day skincare routine looks like for my dry/sensitive skin. I have learned over time that there is a VERY high standard for “perfect” skin. Small pores, no breakouts, even skin tone, no under eye circles… I was going crazy and buying products with big claims to give me (what I thought) was “perfect skin.” But the reality is… no part of me is perfect. Like everyone else, I have my own insecurities + have many flaws. For example… Random fact about Sarah- I don’t like my knees! And whether we fret about our body type, gray hairs, breakouts or what my mom calls my “grandma knees,” we are all imperfect humans.  And maybe it’s not about obtaining the body type of a photoshopped model or skin that makes you look like an Instagram filter.. It’s about embracing the imperfections and rolling with what you have. When I recognized that it was better to  have skin that is clean, happy + healthy, I stopped feeling like my products were failing me. I began listening to what my skin was telling me. Honestly, it was screaming at me to stop trying to achieve “perfect skin” with chemicals and ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. And now, it is singing praise for Pantry, and our clean, natural + organic skincare.



If you need skincare advice or help, our Pantry team is here to answer questions! Or if you too feel like you have weird knees.. I’d LOVE to get a good laugh about our shared, random imperfections!  You can either call the shop from 12-4pm at 775-683-9844, send us a message on Instagram @pantryproducts or email us at [email protected]

Tune in next week when Dani + Kayla will discuss the products they love for combo/oily skin types!

XO, Sarah at Pantry

Our home set up for the night at the Bragg Family Sugarhouse + Farm in Vermont

Travel is great for the soul + during a pandemic, road trips are the best way to travel. 🚘. Recently, our family embarked on a trek across the U.S. in a 25 ft. travel trailer! Of course, we stuffed our bags with Pantry Products’ road-trip essentials but with some considerations in terms of space + environmental gentleness.

Living in a camper is a blast because, if you need anything (a snack, a shower, a nap), home is right behind you. However, whether boondocking through Harvest Hosts or hooking up to a full-service campground, life on the road presents some unique challenges.

Challenge #1: Space is tight!

Our 160 sq. ft. camper must store everyday essentials for 2 adults + 2 dogs plus the equipment required to “run” our home. When selecting what to bring, size + longevity is important. While I love having every single Pantry item at my disposal, the camper won’t allow it.

Challenge #2: Continuing to be gentle to Mother Nature

We made the decision to be able to go off-grid with our trailer which means sometimes, we need to empty our gray water tank into nature (shower + dish water, no waste) . In order to ensure the water we provide is beneficial, our personal + household cleaning products must be biodegradable.

Challenge #3: Daily showers may not always be available.

Sad but true. Even though we have a full bathroom, if we are not plugged in at a campground, our water, water heating + water disposal resources are limited. Sometimes showers don’t take top priority. (Coffee always come first!)

Challenge #4: Camping puts you out in the elements

Camp life is food for the soul. Camp life is also muddy, buggy, sandy, rainy + sunny. It’s crucial to have the right products to battle what the outdoors sends your way.

Road Trip Dog ProductsLou found a mud bog + we didn’t have access to running water

Fortunately for us,  Pantry has a full line of products to meet our camp life needs. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in our stash:

Grapefruit + Mint Hand Soap: Not only does this hand soap smell divine but it can also be used as a body wash, dish soap, and dog bath. 1 bottle, multiple uses. Since it’s biodegradable, we don’t have to worry about harming the earth.

Rosemary + Mint Shampoo Bar: There is no room (or want) for a large plastic shampoo bottle. This handy bar does the job and lasts for 60 + washes. Added bonus, it can be used as body wash + hand soap too. The cardboard packing and soap are biodegradable.

Dry Shampoo: this one’s a no-brainer on those shower-less days.

Sunscreen: a must-have 24/7, 365 days a year + the twist-up tube makes it perfect for travel. And for those times when we don’t heed our own advice on the importance of reapplying sunscreen, we also have Pantry’s Cooling After Sun Spray. This also works wonders for cooling off on ridiculously hot days.

Bugs-Be-Gone Spraynot only are mosquito bites annoying + unsightly, they can also be harmful. Having a bottle of our heavenly-smelling spray nearby is a must! And, since some bugs won’t take “no” for an answer, I also came packed with our Bite Me! Bug Bite Soother.

Konjac Sponges for the Body: I’m not sure I’ve ever loved a sponge before but the Nash + Jones Konjac Sponges made me melt. Since it can be used with or without soap, it’s the ideal camp beauty tool to gently cleanse and remove dirt from the day’s adventures. Each sponge last for 1 month, air dries, and is biodegradable.  (When I’m not on the road, I pair my sponge with Pantry’s Fresh + Clear Face Wash)

Hand Sanitizer: This one probably doesn’t need an explanation and, while we are avoiding public spaces as much as possible, we still need to gas up our tow vehicle, get coffee, use rest stops, etc. so Pantry’s Hand Sanitizer lives in the van console.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosewater Toner: We’ve traveled from dry + hot to humid + rainy and our skin is fully confused. In order to keep breakouts at bay, I reach for our pH balancing skin toner. It helps keep my skin looking + feeling it’s best. Plus, the rosewater scent is a luxury when you’ve been washing with hand soap. 😉 I apply using our Nash + Jones reusable bamboo pads to keep down on waste.

Lavender + Mint Air + Linen Spray: Small spaces + humidity/rain + 2 dogs = not always the freshest of air. A couple spritzes of this naturally-scented spray + our camper is fresh as a spring day. It also works great to help remove wrinkles from clothes…just keep away from lightly-colored fabrics.

While our cabinets are crammed with as much Pantry as we could fit, these items are the ones we reach for the most + those which help make camp life a little cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

If you have the opportunity to get outside this summer, do it! Mother Nature is always open even during a pandemic. Just be sure to mask up, prepare properly, and be kind to your fellow travelers.

Our family at Niagara Falls (Michelle, Lou, Max, Heather)

Stay well!

Michelle, Pantry Products’ Founder

Hello friends!

My name is Sarah and I am one of the Shop Assistants at Pantry. I am often the one to write these blog posts, so it is so nice to officially introduce myself!

My family loves to go camping. And when I say we love it… I mean we LOVE it! Whether it is camping in a tent, trailer, or backpacking through the wilderness… We do it all! Last summer, we squeezed in 5 camping trips + 2 backpacking trips. This year, many of our adventures have changed due to COVID, but my family was able to camp at Lassen Volcanic National Park over the weekend. It was about 3 hours from Reno and so beautiful! The park has miles of hiking trails, and small mountain lakes to kayak, fish or swim. Because of the elevation, the snow had recently melted + it was like springtime. There were meadows with wild flowers + everything was so lush and green. We had a great time + were able to safely maintain social distancing mandates, while enjoying the forest and fresh mountain air! Mostly, it was so nice to be able to get out of the house. I was feeling like I have spent too many hours on the couch watching Netflix + on my phone, reading news articles. It was remarkable to be without cell service for a few days, hiking, eating good camp food, star gazing, and sitting by the fire with my family. I needed to reset + get away for a bit, and Lassen Volcanic National Park was perfect! I would highly recommend the park to any of my fellow camping friends.

I brought some of my favorite Pantry Products with me on our trip. I was packing in a rush, so there were quite a few things I forgot. (P.S. Does that happen to anyone else?! I’m always forgetting something before a trip!) Anyway, the travel size products are great to throw in your duffle bag or hiking pack. Here’s what I brought with me!

Bugs-Be-Gone Spray is a must for any adventure outside. A little goes a long way + boy, is it effective! I managed through the whole trip without any mosquito bites or noticing any pesky bugs flying near me. With ingredients of distilled water, witch hazel, vitamin e, vegetable glycerin, lemongrass, cedarwood, lavender, lemon, + peppermint essential oils, this stuff smells great and works even better! I loved not needing to use citronella candles or any harsh, chemical sprays. I threw it in my hiking pack + applied a few sprays during the day, and was good to go!

Happy Cramper was a great for our hard hikes! With sage, majoram, ginger, geranium and cinnamon essential oils, this mighty roller ball soothed my achy muscles on our trip. I was so glad I brought it! Also, it was the perfect size to keep in the small pocket.

The healing Boo-Boo Balm is something good to have on hand. This little guy has so many functions! It is an all-natural salve for use on scrapes, scratches, bug bites, and other minor skin irritations. It is made from a base containing anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and moisturizing organic coconut. Boo-Boo balm is scented with tea tree, lavender and frankincense essential oils, so it is smells so nice! We did a night hike to go star gazing, and I scratched my arm on a branch. But the Boo-Boo balm helped heal my scrape right away!

Of course you need to bring sunscreen when you are camping. I threw the travel size in my bag for hiking. Our Sunscreen Stick is so compact + effective! I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or contain any harsh chemicals! With nourishing organic coconut oil + shea butter, the Sunscreen Stick definitely blocked evil rays from harming my fair skin. And boy, do I sunburn SO easily! It’s a Pantry favorite for a reason!

My least favorite part of camping is not sleeping well. I often struggle with restful sleep, but it generally is worse when I am camping or in an unfamiliar place. I used the Sweet Dreams Essential Spray to spritz my pillow + sleeping bag before bed. The lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood essential oils are so relaxing. The scent calmed me + helped me sleep better. Essential sprays also help kill germs, while smelling heavenly. Even my husband said he slept better.

I can’t go anywhere lately without my Nourishing Nightime Cream. For any of my dry skin friends out there, this stuff is amazing! It is a rich, emollient cream, with aloe gel, rosehip oil, along with neroli, lavender, and chamomile essential oils. Rosehip oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines. It also fights signs of aging. I always apply at night + wake up with softer skin.

Last summer, I went on a backpacking trip with my friend. We had a long, hard day of hiking, and finally made it to the lake we planned to stay at for the night. We were tired + sore, and were doing our final hike out the next morning. She and I were soaking our aching feet in the water, staring into the tree line. She commented how the trees were simply up here in the forest, growing. That was all they did, no matter what was going on in the world. She said that she spends her weeks constantly worrying about small things in her life, stressing at work and always running herself into the ground. But the trees…they just grew. When we were camping, I remembered her words. I think we can only carry so much stress + burdens on our shoulders. Even though life is crazy, hasn’t it always been a little crazy? My hope is that we can put the crazy on hold for a few hours this week, grab our necessary things to go on small adventure, and get out for awhile. Because the trees get to simply grow. And I think we all deserve a pause, so we can grow too.

As always, I hope everyone is safe and well. Here’s to your next adventure, whenever or whatever it may be!

It’s the smell of freshly cut grass, warm air, ice cold lemonade, and blue skies.. It’s the longer days, sun kissed skin, s’mores, and hearing the birds sing in the morning.. Can you tell we are embracing the summer weather at Pantry Products!? We are loving everything this season has to offer + it shows in our July Wellness Subscription Box!

If you didn’t know about our subscription boxes, let us break it down for you! Boxes are $30 + shipping, or if you are local to Reno, you can opt out of shipping + pickup your box at our Wells Ave. location.  They go out every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November). We pick out 6-8 of our favorite sample-sized products for the season + create our Wellness Subscription Box. And did we mention.. there is 10% discount code in every box to use for full size products?

Whether it’s a great camping trip, lake day or a long evening walk, our July Wellness Subscription Box is full of our favorite all-natural products to have you safe + well, while enjoying all your favorite Summer adventures. This month’s box helps you beat the heat, protect from the sun, combat bug bites, and smell wonderful! The best part? As with all our Pantry goodies, you’ll remain chemical free with our natural recipes!

Here’s the scoop of this months box:

After Sun Spray – 1 oz, $8, 4 oz, $14

This the ideal treat for sun-scorched body! Blended with organic Aloe Vera gel, organic coconut oil, and cooling peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils, our cooling After-Sun Spray will help soothe and replenish your skin with each spritz. Use after soaking up the summer sunshine.

Bite Me! Bug Roller Remedy – 10 ml., $12

This pure blend of essential oils and fractionated coconut oil helps with the itch + irritation of pesky bug bites. Roll on to speed up your skins recovery!

Bugs-Be-Gone – 1 oz, $6, 4 oz, $12

Say goodbye to those annoying bugs with our all-natural bug repellent! This chemical-free formula is specially handcrafted with an effective blend of essential oils. Whether it is mosquitoes, flies, fleas or ticks, Bugs-Be-Gone helps combat against anything buzzing around you during your summer adventures. It also smells wonderful and is safe for all ages!

Citrus + Sunshine Perfume – 10 ml., $12

This botanically inspired perfume brightens your day. It is perfect to throw in your bag when you’re on the go, or keep on your vanity to roll on in the morning. With notes of chamomile, orange, vanilla, and coconut, it’s the perfect mixture of soft and summery!

Himalayan Sea Salt Spray – 1 oz, $8, 4 oz, $12

Our Himalayan Sea Salt Spray is a Pantry favorite. Lightly scented with both ylang ylang + vanilla essential oils, it gives you the look and feel of beautiful beachy waves. The lovely pink spritz will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation!

Sunscreen Stick – .75 oz., $8, 2 oz, $12

With skin nourishing coconut oil and shea butter, our sunscreen does way more than just combat from harmful UVA/UVB rays! It also soothes dry skin! This mighty sunscreen stick will protect you without making your skin feel greasy or covering it in harsh chemicals. It is safe for all ages + can be applied on the face, lips and body.

This month’s Wellness Box will have you skipping (6 feet) alongside us in the sunshine! We can’t wait to see everyone enjoying their products + using them in their summer adventures. Let us know what you think and keep your eyes peeled for the next subscription box!

As always, stay well!

XO, Pantry

Hey you, long time no see!

We cannot wait to welcome everyone back into our shop July 3rd! While we have been closed for in-store shopping, we are thrilled to be opening our doors, with a few new guidelines to protect everyone’s health! Our amazing Pantry team has been working hard to make sure our little shop is in tip-top shape for our loyal customers. We have been busy organizing + cleaning, while continuing to fulfill wholesale + curbside pick-up orders! Also, we have given our production area (and storefront) a little make-over. Our Shop Assistants can now make your Pantry goodies more efficiently! We promise, our products will still have the same small-batch, handmade charm. Hopefully, there will be a little less of a mess in the process! 😉  Just wait until you see it!

Our main focus at this time is to continue to keep our staff and customers safe. We understand that some of our protocols are different than other businesses, but everyone is navigating through COVID differently. At Pantry, we recognize that health + safety are the most important. While we agree our products are amazing and we want everyone to get their hands on their favorite Pantry gems, our priority is to keep our team and customers healthy. At the end of the day, things like soap and candles are trivial compared to the well-being of our community. Therefore, please note the following information before you shop at our small business:

  • First and foremost, we ask for everyone’s patience and kindness! Our team has been cranking out products as fast as possible, but there are some things we cannot control that effect our production. Also, because of the ongoing changes with COVID, please be patient as we navigate through any new mandates.
  • Our soft opening will be July 3rd-6th from 12 – 4 pm.
  • July 7th – the remainder of the summer, we will be open 10 am – 2 pm and 3 pm-4 pm.
  • We will be closing for an hour everyday from 2 pm – 3 pm so our team can deep clean + sanitize the store. Please carefully note the hours we are open for in-store shopping before coming to Pantry as we will not be making any exceptions.
  • We will be requiring everyone to wear a face covering in order to achieve optimal safety  + to comply with the Governor’s new mandate. If you do not or cannot wear a face covering, please utilize our curbside pickup as referenced below.
  • We will be continuing curbside pickup! Order your favorite Pantry Products on our website +  we will email you when your order is ready for pick-up. When you come to pick-up your order, call the store and a team member will run your order out to your car. Easy-peasy!
  • There will be hand sanitizer for customers to use when entering the store. We ask for everyone to sanitize their hands before touching any products.
  • We ask our customers to give a staff member any products they touch, but decide not to buy. We will then be able to sanitize bottles so they are safe for another customer to purchase.
  • Our staff will continue sanitizing commonly touched surfaces throughout the day, such as point-of-sale systems, counters, door handles, shelves, etc.

As always, there are not enough words to thank our customers for their dedicated support. We know Pantry Products is a place where simple ingredients become a handmade batch of something special. But it’s always humbling to see our customers recognize that as well. It is because of you that we have grown from products being made in a kitchen to a small business with so much potential + love. It is because of all of you that we have thrived and been able to share Pantry with businesses all around the country.  It is because of you that we have seen highs + lows and managed our way here. Here… where we can continue to share something so special, even in the midst of trying times. Thank you for being by our side. We can’t wait to see you!

XO, The Pantry Team

One of the most steadfast realities of life is that there is brokenness in the world.

Your childhood dogs runs away. A server is rude to you at your favorite restaurant. Your phone gets stolen. There is a consistent, unsettling feeling that these trivial things aren’t the way life should be. Then, the unsettling feeling grows deeper when we witness the injustices of the world that aren’t so trivial. People suffering at the hands that should protect them. Terrible violence. Children going hungry. The constant chatter of the news reminds us of the endless oppression people face. Yet, many of us are privileged enough to be able to change the channel to our favorite TV show and finish cooking dinner. We need to recognize that there are corners of the world and of our nation and cities that need us to get off the couch and help push back against the brokenness. The Black Lives Matter Movement should not be another sappy media story we eventually lose interest in and tune out. May we all remember every single day that there are voices and cries that still need to be heard.

There is so much we can do to keep propelling forward for a better world: having difficult conversations with a loved ones, digging deep to recognize biases, educating ourselves, signing petitions, donating, protesting, and advocating,

If you are feeling stuck or uncertain where/how to use your voice for others in need, here are some kickass non-profits, coalitions, and organizations who are fighting against injustice and lifting up our Black community. Some you may not have heard of, but each one is doing amazing work. Even though you may be seeing less Black Lives Matter content on your feed, the movement is far from over. There is still so much work to be done.

Black Lives Matter is a fighting for freedom, liberation and justice. You can support their work by signing up for updates, checking out resources, supporting their work and following their social media.

Black Lives Matter has a link to petitions on their website that have yet to reach their signature goals. Check it out, support and sign!

Higher Heights is the only national organization providing Black women with a political home exclusively dedicated to harnessing their power to expand Black women’s elected representation and voting participation, and advance progressive policies. Currently, Higher Heights is working on investigating the next generation of political leaders, organizing the power of Black women voters through their #BlackWomenVote campaign and creating an environment for Black women to vote, run, win and lead!

Black Visions Collective in Minnesota aims to center their work around healing + transformative justice principles to develop and raise up amazing + powerful black leadership campaigns.

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM) is a collective of advocates, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, lawyers, religious leaders, teachers, psychologists, and activists committed to emotional + mental health and healing of Black communities: Check out their video, explaining their values and the work they do!

Black Girls Code mission is to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and the builders of their futures through exposure to computer science and technology. Girls are learning to build apps, develop teamwork skills and build self esteem!

Black Mamas Matter is advancing Black maternal health. This Black women-lead alliance is seeking to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health rights + justice. They provide a variety of resources + help support moms before and after their pregnancy.

The Innocence Project‘s mission is to free the staggering number of innocent people who remain incarcerated, and bring reform to the system for their unjust imprisonment.

Black Women’s Blueprint is an amazing Black feminist organization. Their movement highlights human rights advocacy, transformative justice, critical participatory action research, and the cultural preservation of Indigenous people. Currently, these powerful women serve as a resource for sexual assault survivors and their families. Check our their mission and the great work they are doing.

Lastly, there is a seemingly-endless supply of YouTube videos we can use as a resource to educate ourselves!

Pantry Products has always pledged for diversity and equality. We strive to make sure our vendors + partners align with our values, and continue to hold space for all voices, identities and ideas while creating a positive workplace. We have been donating 10% of our weekly sales to a variety of organizations that support our Black community. Our team has been hitting the streets to participate in a peaceful protests, sign petitions, and use their available resources to contribute to fighting injustice. While there is more work to be done, we commit to continuing to reach for justice and advocate for those that need to be heard. Let’s walk alongside one another to make change and not settle for brokenness.

This week’s Quarantine Beauty Routine Recipes are for healing your feet and sunburned shoulders after spending hours walking in the sun protesting. Here’s what you’ll need:⁠

“Pep in your step” – Peppermint Foot Scrub:⁠
• 1-2 cups sugar or epsom salt⁠
• 1/2 cup coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil⁠
• 10 drops peppermint essential oil or fresh peppermint⁠

Mix all your ingredients together and pour into a jar. (If you are using fresh peppermint, you may want to grind it up first.) You can use more or less sugar until you’re happy with the consistency. Using more sugar will result in a more firm scrub. Store for up to 6 months. Use once a week in a foot bath or prior to showering.

Healing Aloe Lotion:⁠
• 1/4 cup coconut oil⁠
• 1/4 cup almond oil or other carrier oil⁠
• 1/4 cup aloe vera gel or 1 medium sized aloe leaf⁠
• 5 drops lavender and frankincense essential oil (optional)⁠

If you are using fresh aloe vera, cut and clean it first. Blend into a gel. Combine your aloe vera gel with the almond oil and coconut oil. and blend using a hand mixer for 8-10 minutes. This will make the lotion airy and light. Once it is light and buttery, add any essential oils you are using. Store for 3-4 months in the fridge and reapply as necessary.

Want to follow along with our Social Media Manager, Taylor, and our General Manager, Jessica, as they demonstrate how easy it is to make these products? Watch our IGTV/ Live Quarantine Beauty Routine here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBW3-qkJ8ZM/?hl=en

No time to DIY? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re in need of some muscle + feet TLC, whether it be from protesting or your day-to-day routine, Pantry’s Peppermint Foot Salve and Arnica Muscle Salve pair perfectly with these Quarantine Beauty Routine Recipes and promise to soften and repair those barking dogs.

Spent too much time in the sun? Our Cooling After-Sun Spray is the ideal treat for sun-scorched body. Blended with organic Aloe Vera gel, organic coconut oil, and cooling peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils, this spritz works to soothe and replenish your skin while cooling the sensation of long days basking in the summer sun.

Hello, Pantry fans! We hope that you have managed to stay safe + sane during the global pandemic. We are thrilled to be engaging with you still!

COVID time has certainly not been quiet time for the Pantry Products’ team. While there were definitely days we were wishing for a little afternoon couch time with The Price is Right and a new craft project, we feel so very fortunate to have been able to work up a storm behind our closed Pantry doors!

From crafting our products, fulfilling online + wholesale orders, deep cleaning + organizing, and giving our small shop a make-over, the Pantry team has been working together (at a safe distance) to make the most of this pandemic. Through the highs + lows, we’ve been able to count on each other for ongoing jokes, long conversations, dance party breaks + dog cuddles. We’ve also found comfort in the support of our loyal customers who, even during these crazy times, have shown us that our business + our products are essential to them.

However, everything hasn’t been all sunshine + roses. Running a small business is extremely difficult during “normal” life. Running a small business during these unprecedented times is indescribably difficult. Sadly, we’ve watched many of our fellow business owners struggle with unexpected trials of COVID and of the impact this pandemic has had on the economy. Our heart goes out to each + every one in our entrepreneurial community.

Through these trying times, we have also found inspiration in our small business community. Instead of giving into restrictions + throwing in the towel, we have seen countless businesses figure out how to come together for their town, how to change their business model to support their employees, how to keep doing what they’ve been doing but better! It has shown what makes small business owners a unique breed of human. They’re inventive, creative, diligent, and not afraid to try something new. Tough times call for new changes and if anybody can make that change, it’s your local small businesses. These folks are used navigating through uncertainty to make big things happen – and all with limited funding, limited sleep, and loads of stress.

One prime example of this creative fortitude is, Proper Topper, a Washington D.C. -based Pantry stockist. In business for almost 30 years (yes, 30!!), shop owner Anna Fuhrman, recently had to adapt her retail business after temporarily closing their doors. Anna did so by creating a new subscription box named “Little Box of Wonders”. Each box is hand-curated to deliver the joy of shopping at Proper Topper – the music, the smells, all the feels that make them … Proper Topper. To our joyful surprise, Anna is featuring Pantry goodies in their box! Anna + her team’s perseverance and adaption earned them recognition from Good Morning America! Checkout it out here: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/video/small-business-survived-great-recession-survive-coronavirus-70797522

The Pantry team has used this “downtime” to make some changes, too.

If you were to peek into our windows, you would see that our  little shop has been turned a bit upside down. In order to ensure adequate social distance while continuing to do what we do, we’ve adapted the use of our space. Our retail sales floor has become our order fulfillment area and every available (clean) counter top in the back is being used for production.  Our product shelves are intermittently absent as they undergo a refresh (Thanks, Sarah + Dane!) and every open floor space is housing extra containers, packing materials, surplus ingredients, and the occasional shop dog (We love you, Lou, Max, Dean, + Bruce). Starting next week, we will begin rolling out an entire new layout to both our retail + production spaces as well as embarking on a small construction project.

And, while one shop is being put back together, another shop is being taken apart. We have made the difficult decision to not reopen our original store location in The Basement. This is a decision we’ve been trying to make for a couple of years and one that is driven not by a lack of business (we’ve seen growth every year at this location) but more about the difficulties of logistically running two locations with one small team. By focusing our efforts on one location and using our existing team to fine tune our retail + production, we will build an even better Pantry.

In the end, what’s most important is to be the best business for our customers and to provide the high quality, handcrafted products our customers have come to love in a time where self care is a necessity. Therefore, whether you are someone who orders one lip balm for curbside pickup, a business owner with a giant wholesale order, or new customer ordering online for the first time, you matter to us + we thank you for allowing us the ability to continue pushing to be better.

And last but certainly not least, nothing would happen without our amazing team. Our crew works hard every single day to to craft our all-natural, chemical free personal care products. With their help, we have managed to help other businesses + spread wellness to our customers. Every product starts in our shop, with a small handmade batch, but they end up all over the country. And these are the hands that make it all happen.

(Our Production Superstars, Kayla + Dani)

As always, we hope everyone is safe and well.

xo, The Pantry Team

A DIY banana face mask your skin will love you for – SheKnows

This Beauty Routine Recipe uses a few simple ingredients from your kitchen Pantry and can be adapted for several different skin-types (and pairs perfectly with our new beauty tools!)

Banana Face Mask for acne:⁠
• 2 Tbsp. mashed banana⁠
• 1 Tbsp. baking soda⁠
• 1/2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice⁠
Mix all ingredients and apply to face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Repeat twice weekly.⁠

Banana Face Mask for wrinkles:⁠
• 2 Tbsp mashed banana⁠
• 1 Tbsp yogurt⁠
• 1/2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice⁠
Mix all ingredients and apply to face. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times per week.⁠

Banana Face Mask for Brightening Skin⁠
• 2 Tbsp mashed banana⁠
• 1 Tbsp honey⁠
• 1 Tsp fresh lemon juice (optional)⁠
Mix all ingredients and apply to face. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. Repeat twice weekly.⁠

Facial steams can deeply cleanse your skin, promote collagen production (anti-aging!), remove toxins, rid blackheads and whiteheads, hydrate the skin, prevent sinus problems, and much more, making them the perfect product to make for our Quarantine Beauty Routine Series! ?

When creating your tea steam medley, the options are endless! We’ve listed 3 recipes below, but you can use any combination of teas and herbs you prefer.

• Lemon Peel and Chamomile Tea: The citric acid found in lemon peels helps to cleanse and brighten skin. Chamomile is known as a lightening + relaxation agent. Use this facial steam before bedtime, or any other time you need to relax.
• Basil and Black Tea: Basil has skin-soothing and calming properties, + also reduces inflammation, making it a great choice to reduce puffiness. Black tea is an astringent, helping to fight oily and dirty skin. It’s also a good source of antioxidants, which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
• Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, and Lemon Slices: Green tea has the same astringent and antioxidant powers as black tea, but comes with an invigorating and energizing boost. For an added boost, add in a few drops of rose and jasmine essential oils for help evening skin tone, smoothing skin, and anti-aging.

Step 1: Prep your skin. Remove all makeup and tie your hair away from the face.

Step 2: Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a saucepan.

Step 3: Once your water is boiling, add your ingredients and remove from heat.

Step 4: The fun part! Cover your head with a towel and lean over your pot. Keep a safe distance—the steam should not hurt your skin. Your steam sesh can last anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.