Top 5 Easy Switches for the New Year

Jumpstart the New Year by adopting new habits for eco-conscious living!  With Pantry Products, we can help facilitate these easy switches, so that what ever you use will make you feel great inside and out. Here are our top 5 items you may have at home for you to make the switch!

  1. Toothpaste to Tooth Powder
    Toothpaste made by big companies typically has a lot of harmful ingredients, such as fluoride.  We understand fluoride’s use, in that it prevents our teeth from having cavities. However, fluoride is counter productive because too much will disrupt your endocrine system and cause fluorosis (colored teeth).  With our tooth powder, we use natural ingredients with bentoite clay, activated charcoal, sea salt, and baking soda being key. Bentonite clay absorbs toxins and neutralizes bad bacteria.  If you have sensitive teeth or gum, bentonite clay will help alleviate your sensitivity.  It also acts as an astringent to remove tartar. Best of all, it will not damage the enamel. Activated charcoal helps remove stains from your teeth because it’s highly absorbent against molecules that’ll stain your teeth. Sea salt is known for being anti-bacterial and acid reducing because it’s high in iodine.  With that being said, it’ll fight bad breath, reduce acid content, and balance the PH level, thereby preventing tooth decay. Sea salt also contains traces of calcium, magnesium, and iron to strengthen your gums. Last but not least, baking soda. Baking soda helps whiten teeth and remineralize your teeth’s enamel.  It limits plaque build up by neutralizing plaque acids.  Baking soda has anti-bacteria properties that’ll help prevent bacteria from causing periodontal disease or decay
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  2. Aerosol Dry Shampoo to Powder Dry Shampoo
    For some of us, we can go days without washing our hair, so we rely on dry shampoos to do the trick.  However, most big branded dry shampoos have too much ingredients and harmful chemicals. Aerosol dry shampoos contain isobutane, butane, and propane, emitting more greenhouse gases. It also contains alcohols that’ll dry not only your hair, but your scalp. The other ingredient is silicone.  Too much silicone causes clogged pores in the scalp, resulting acne breakout in the scalp. One can do only so much with aerosol dry shampoos, only for it to cause more harm than good. With our dry shampoo powder, it contains arrowroot powder and cornstarch to absorb oils while rejuvenating and refreshing your hair, as any dry shampoo should be doing!

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  3. Baby Wipes to Squeaky Clean
    Baby wipes are not biodegradeable.  These wipes are one of the many contributors to the marine microplastic pollution when they’re improperly disposed aka flushed down the toilet. For us, it causes irritation especially when it has artifical fragrance. With our Squeaky Clean, it has witch hazel and aloe vera, safe to use on our tush. Witch hazel relieves itching, burning, and irritation, whereas aloe vera soothes. Your bum will thank you.

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  4. Chemical Deodorant to Natural Deodorant
    We know how harmful chemical deodorants are.  They’re formulated with so much ingredients, that may disrupt our endcrine system. Chemical deodorants contain aluminum, which is the reason for sweat stains. It’ll also make the sweat worse due to bacteria build up causing clogged pores.  Research has shown that because we apply aluminum frequently under our arms, it may contribute to causing breast cancer. The other ingredient is paraben, which is in a lot of mainstream beauty and household products.  Paraben disrupts the hormones in our body and harms fertility. It also causes skin irritations. With our deodorant, we are free from aluminum and parabens. One of the key ingredient is zinc. Used in the hospital for woundcare, zinc kills 2 types of bacteria, Corynebacterium and Staphylococcus. Zinc rids odor and traps moisture, while providing a protective barrier.

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  5. Synthetic Wax Candles to Soy Wax Candles

    We all love candles. Candles set a mood or like Jan Levinson, *poof!* All stress goes away after smelling the candles. Most candles burn so quickly, in that it contains paraffin wax. You know, the wax your nail lady uses on your hands to rid dead skins. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum, which when it burns, it releases high amounts of carbon dioxide, acetone, butane, and other harmful chemicals in the air. Synthetic candles cause repiratory issues, as well as allergies, being that it also has synthetic fragrances. Yuck! Soy wax is non toxic. It burns clean and burns 35-50% longer because it has a lower melting point. Should you experience accidentally spilling wax, the good news is that soy wax cleans easily with soap and water, making it biodegradeable. Our candles are made from soy and we source our fragrances, ensuring they’re non-toxic.
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Let us know in the comments what are some products you’ll be switching out and what are in this year!

Keep it green,
The Pantry Team


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