How to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

How to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

Seemingly endless days of 90-100 degree temps can take its own on a person. Both physically + mentally. To help ease the discomfort, we’ve compiled some scientifically-proven tips to help you keep cool.

1. Stay out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm

The sun is at it’s hottest during these times + can easily lead to overheating. If you must be out, cover up with a large hat or stay in the shade.

2. Drink your 64 ounces

Or even more! This is the minimum to keep you hydrated but, when temps soar, we sweat more. So, increase your intake, avoid alcohol + drinks with a lot of sugar. Feeling extra thirsty? Coconut water is packed with vital elements we tend to lose through perspiration.

3. Make meals with water-filled foods

Who doesn’t love a summer watermelon. It’s even better when you realize melons are about 90% water. Into cucumbers? They’re 96% water. Strawberries? 92% Lettuce is 96% So, make a fruit salad + eat your way to being hydrated + cool….as a cucumber.

4. When dressing, go for light + loose clothes

Lighter + looser clothing allows for air to circulate next to your skin speeding up evaporation + sending excess heat packing. Reach for outfits containing natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen.

5. Take a dip

The ultimate summer cool-off is a cool dip in a body of water. Whether it’s a lake, public pool, kiddie pool, or just running through the hose, dousing yourself is a fun + effective way to cool off. Don’t have access to these? Run your wrists under cold water or soak a washcloth + drape it over your neck to give yourself some reprieve.

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