Pantry’s New + Improved Refill Program

Pantry Products' Refill Program

The time has come to re-release our beloved Product Refill Program. While you’ll still receive the same 10% discount when you bring your container in for a refill, we’ve made a few changes to the program guidelines.

Here is our ask for when you bring your empties in:

  1. Bottles + containers must be cleaned + disinfected. If your containers are not squeaky clean, we cannot accept them. 
  2. Pumps + bottle tops must be removed. (Caps for tins or jars can remain on but must also be clean.) 
  3. When you bring your empties in, we will ask you to fill out custom refill form + attach it to a bag provided our team member.
  4. Place your empties in the bag + place the bag in our refill bin.
  5. All refills must be paid for at the time of drop-off. A team member will ring you up with your 10% discount refill discount.
  6. A team member will call you once your refill is ready for pick-up. Please check your voicemail and/or make sure your voicemail isn’t full. 🙂

Items of Note:

  • Due to the increasing cost of soy wax + the cost to ship it, candle discounts will go down to 20.
  • Depending on our production volume + the product(s) you are having refilled, turnaround times can vary 1-2 weeks
  • The 10% discount is offered on refills of the same product.

    Do you have personal care + cosmetics containers from other brands that you’d like to ensure are properly recycled? Drop them in our TerraCycle ZeroWaste Beauty Products + Packaging Box.

    Here is a list of what you can drop off. Bonus: Qualifying amounts of recycled items earn you 10% off a day-of purchase in our shop.

    TerraCycle ZeroWaste Recycling Box
    Thanks for being patient + understanding during our Refill Program pause. We look forward to seeing you and your empties soon!

Michelle + The Pantry Team



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