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Our home set up for the night at the Bragg Family Sugarhouse + Farm in Vermont

Travel is great for the soul + during a pandemic, road trips are the best way to travel. 🚘. Recently, our family embarked on a trek across the U.S. in a 25 ft. travel trailer! Of course, we stuffed our bags with Pantry Products’ road-trip essentials but with some considerations in terms of space + environmental gentleness.

Living in a camper is a blast because, if you need anything (a snack, a shower, a nap), home is right behind you. However, whether boondocking through Harvest Hosts or hooking up to a full-service campground, life on the road presents some unique challenges.

Challenge #1: Space is tight!

Our 160 sq. ft. camper must store everyday essentials for 2 adults + 2 dogs plus the equipment required to “run” our home. When selecting what to bring, size + longevity is important. While I love having every single Pantry item at my disposal, the camper won’t allow it.

Challenge #2: Continuing to be gentle to Mother Nature

We made the decision to be able to go off-grid with our trailer which means sometimes, we need to empty our gray water tank into nature (shower + dish water, no waste) . In order to ensure the water we provide is beneficial, our personal + household cleaning products must be biodegradable.

Challenge #3: Daily showers may not always be available.

Sad but true. Even though we have a full bathroom, if we are not plugged in at a campground, our water, water heating + water disposal resources are limited. Sometimes showers don’t take top priority. (Coffee always come first!)

Challenge #4: Camping puts you out in the elements

Camp life is food for the soul. Camp life is also muddy, buggy, sandy, rainy + sunny. It’s crucial to have the right products to battle what the outdoors sends your way.

Road Trip Dog ProductsLou found a mud bog + we didn’t have access to running water

Fortunately for us,  Pantry has a full line of products to meet our camp life needs. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in our stash:

Grapefruit + Mint Hand Soap: Not only does this hand soap smell divine but it can also be used as a body wash, dish soap, and dog bath. 1 bottle, multiple uses. Since it’s biodegradable, we don’t have to worry about harming the earth.

Rosemary + Mint Shampoo Bar: There is no room (or want) for a large plastic shampoo bottle. This handy bar does the job and lasts for 60 + washes. Added bonus, it can be used as body wash + hand soap too. The cardboard packing and soap are biodegradable.

Dry Shampoo: this one’s a no-brainer on those shower-less days.

Sunscreen: a must-have 24/7, 365 days a year + the twist-up tube makes it perfect for travel. And for those times when we don’t heed our own advice on the importance of reapplying sunscreen, we also have Pantry’s Cooling After Sun Spray. This also works wonders for cooling off on ridiculously hot days.

Bugs-Be-Gone Spraynot only are mosquito bites annoying + unsightly, they can also be harmful. Having a bottle of our heavenly-smelling spray nearby is a must! And, since some bugs won’t take “no” for an answer, I also came packed with our Bite Me! Bug Bite Soother.

Konjac Sponges for the Body: I’m not sure I’ve ever loved a sponge before but the Nash + Jones Konjac Sponges made me melt. Since it can be used with or without soap, it’s the ideal camp beauty tool to gently cleanse and remove dirt from the day’s adventures. Each sponge last for 1 month, air dries, and is biodegradable.  (When I’m not on the road, I pair my sponge with Pantry’s Fresh + Clear Face Wash)

Hand Sanitizer: This one probably doesn’t need an explanation and, while we are avoiding public spaces as much as possible, we still need to gas up our tow vehicle, get coffee, use rest stops, etc. so Pantry’s Hand Sanitizer lives in the van console.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosewater Toner: We’ve traveled from dry + hot to humid + rainy and our skin is fully confused. In order to keep breakouts at bay, I reach for our pH balancing skin toner. It helps keep my skin looking + feeling it’s best. Plus, the rosewater scent is a luxury when you’ve been washing with hand soap. 😉 I apply using our Nash + Jones reusable bamboo pads to keep down on waste.

Lavender + Mint Air + Linen Spray: Small spaces + humidity/rain + 2 dogs = not always the freshest of air. A couple spritzes of this naturally-scented spray + our camper is fresh as a spring day. It also works great to help remove wrinkles from clothes…just keep away from lightly-colored fabrics.

While our cabinets are crammed with as much Pantry as we could fit, these items are the ones we reach for the most + those which help make camp life a little cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

If you have the opportunity to get outside this summer, do it! Mother Nature is always open even during a pandemic. Just be sure to mask up, prepare properly, and be kind to your fellow travelers.

Our family at Niagara Falls (Michelle, Lou, Max, Heather)

Stay well!

Michelle, Pantry Products’ Founder

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