Quarantine Beauty Routine: Eggs + Coffee Mask

It’s time for another Quarantine Beauty Routine DIY! ?⁠

For our second recipe, we’re doing another face mask! For this mask, you’re going to want to save those coffee grounds in the morning, because this is an Eggs + Coffee Grounds mask! ☕⁠ (Love coffee but not into DIY? Grab a tub of Pantry’s Choco + Coffee Body Polish)

Eggs are great for deep cleansing treatments and the protein is good for firming up your skin. The egg whites will even help to shrink or tighten pores. The caffeine in the coffee works as a constrictor to reduce swelling and inflammation. When mixed together, these ingredients will preserve and renew your skin with protein and nutrients. If you don’t like the idea of using eggs, simply substitute a tablespoon of raw honey for the egg. ?⁠

Here’s what you’ll need:⁠
1 whole egg⁠
1 T fine coffee grounds⁠

Combine the egg with the coffee grounds. Gently massage the mask onto your face, in circular motions, avoiding your eyes. This will gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells off the surface. Leave on for about five minutes. Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. (Pro-tip: If you still have coffee grounds left over, use them to scrub your body in the shower!) ⁠

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