Rollin’ In Style: The Benefits of Our Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends

An essential oil is a natural oil that is derived from a plant or flower for its scent or healing properties and, when the right kinds of oils are blended together, they can do magnificent things for our well being. Awareness of essential oils has become popular over the past few years, but they have been used for generations as a remedy to all types of maladies.

At Pantry Products, we employ essential oils in every product we craft because they offer a healthy + natural remedy to common afflictions that attempt to disrupt our every day lives. Today, we’re highlighting our line of Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends + sharing how you can employ these lovely oils as part of your daily routine.


When Life Gives You Oils, Roll With It!

Sometimes life hands you things you can’t control. Headaches, bug bites, cramps, sore muscles + colds are something none of us want to deal with, but, lucky for you, we have solutions to help you roll with it!

Long day at work or long day of being active? Reach for our Aches + Pains Roller Ball to help soothe soreness away anywhere you have stiffness and discomfort.

A headache is no one’s friend. The blend of basil + peppermint oils in our Noggin Healer Roller Ball will help to relieve the pounding with just a few swipes across your forehead + temples. 

Pestered by pesky bugs? The Bite Me! Roller Ball is a perfect bug bite soother after those troublesome buggers take a bite out of your skin + your joy. Simply roll it on the bite + say goodbye to itching and scratching.

Enjoy the weather, don’t feel under it with our Force Field Roller Ball. Apply this immunity-boosting blend to your pulse points to help prevent catching a case of the cooties.

All of us ladies know how miserable we can feel when that “time of the month” arrives. Pack away the pain pills and heating pads and reaching for our Happy Cramper Roller Ball instead! It also is helpful with unpleasant lower back pain, as well.

Peace, Sleep + Rock n’ Rollin’

Do you ever feel just a little out of it, unfocused, and/or sleep deprived? Well, with the help of the next four roller balls we might be able to fix that.

If you’ve sworn off your morning caffeine or need an extra boost of energy to start (or continue) the day, our Rise + Shine Roller Ball helps to lift that morning fog so you can start your day out right.

If that tired feeling is the result of a less-than-restful sleep, incorporate our Sweet Dreams Roller Ball into your nighttime routine. Apply this slumber inducer to your temples, wrists, or right under your nose to help welcome in sweet sleep.

Feeling a little anxious? Our Serenity Now Roller Ball was custom-formulated to help promote peace + balance. So, brew up your favorite tea, grab a good book + roll it on to get back in balance.

Sometimes though, you’re ready to check things off your to-do list like yesterday. That’s when our Get Sh*t Done Roller Ball comes in handy. It is the perfect blend of essential oils to help boost your focus so you can cross off those items on your to-do list. 

Rollin’ On The Oils

Aging, wrinkles + scars should be carried with pride because they mean you have a story to tell. But, sometimes we need to give these areas a little TLC. This is where our beauty-focused roller balls come in handy. Our Fountain of Youth Roller Ball features healing and skin-cell rejuvenating oils to targets age spots + reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.

The Ain’t Scarred Roller Ball is our scar reducer blend of rosehip, argan + essential oils that will help fresh scar to heal quicker and healthier. Over time, the oil will assist with fading the visibility of those battle wounds.

For those of you who suffer with fever blisters + cold sores, fight back with our No’ Mo’ Cold Sore Roller Ball. Packed with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial + anti-microbial essential oils, this roller remedy will quickly become your best friend!

Read what some of our customers have to say about our Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends:

“The Aches & Pains roller ball is amazing! As someone who has used multiple medications for headaches, natural remedies, and even visits to a neurologist, this stuff works and it works fast! I would recommend for migraines, headaches, even sinus pressure. This is the BEST.”        – Christine

“I bought happy cramper last month when my cramps were keeping me in bed all day. I had taken pain killers galore and they did nothing, but as soon as I put on happy cramper, my pain was relieved! I have never been more pleased with a product. Anyone who is concerned with the price for a small roller ball: don’t be! it is so worth it. Highly recommend!!!!!”      – Samantha 

Without a doubt, we have a roller ball remedy for just about any hurdle life throws your way and, if we don’t, just ask us. We love to create custom remedies for our fans.

Have you tried our Roller Ball Remedies Essential Oil Blends? If so, comment below on which is your favorite.

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– The Pantry Team

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