“What’s Your Favorite Product?”

This is a question our team receives nearly every day from visitors to our stores.  With so many lovely items to choose from, it’s difficult to select just one but, we recently posed this question to our team members. Below is what they’ve selected as the handcrafted Pantry products they simply can’t live without.

Alissa, Retail Manager

Pack Your Bags: Neroli Eye Serum is magical. It’s a wonderful remedy to morning puffy eyes, and with Neroli being a sedative and stress reducer, it makes for an ideal part of the night routine! Armpit Detox is my #2 because being that the main ingredients in most deodorant brands today are very toxic, the armpit detox is brilliant. It lessens the need for deodorant entirely + frees my mind of worry.”


Taylor, Project Manager









“The Aloe + Chamomile Cream is THE BEST stuff there is. It’s a perfect creamy consistency to that is just hydrating enough but not too greasy. I use it every night before bed paired with the Pack Your Bags roller and every few days I use the Vanilla Mint Lip Scrub. (Pro-tip: I also use the lip scrub to exfoliate my face and it works wonders).

Sunnah, Shop Assistant
Nourishing Night-Time Cream is my favorite product, not only to use, but also to make! I love its nutritious ingredients, especially the neroli, rosehip, and aloe vera. Not only does it help heal my skin but it does so at the best time, at night! Neroli has really helped me settle my nerves because it lowers cortisone in the brain which has made a huge difference with my PTSD and depression, so I wake up feeling well moisturized, topically nourished, and happy to start the day.”

Erik, Wholesale Manager

“My favorite product we make is the Shampoo Bar. I switched over to shampoo bar a year ago and noticed my hair is way softer than when I used liquid shampoo. And I don’t need to use a conditioner.”

Scott, Shop Assistant

“My favorite product is the Grapefruit Mint Shave Gel. The razor glides so smoothly on my face and neck after using it that I don’t get any irritation like I do with other shaving creams or gels. I love the fresh scent and the soothing aloe vera keeps your face feeling cool and refreshed afterwards.”

Hawa, Shop Assistant

Nourishing Night-Time Cream has been one of my favorite products so far. Neroli has been such an uplifting ingredient. The smell is calming before bed and the active response my skin receives from neroli’s benefits of cell reproduction influences me to use it in the morning as well. My go-to routine day n’ night.”

Abbey Kay, Photographer

“I love the dry shampoo because it works so well, doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky like aerosol dry shampoo can, and it smells like chocolate! It’s the best dry shampoo I have tried and I use it every single day.”

Michael, General Manager

“I love this oil cleanser as the oil and friction of applying it really exfoliates my skin. Removing it with a hot face cloth really further cleans my skin, opening the pores and giving me a true clean.”

Michelle, Owner

“I literally crave our Nighttime Repair Serum. It’s lightweight, incredibly moisturizing, and it smells like heaven! The combination of jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oils help keep my skin hydrated without clogging my pores while our blend of carrotseed, rosehip, and essential oils work to balance, rejuvenate, and brighten my (oft-overworked, under-pampered) skin.    

Lou divides his time between “supervising” and exploring. To ensure he looks + feels his best no matter the activity, he reaches for Pantry’s Puppy Paw Protectant.

Winnie +  Chase 

Pantry’s fashionista pups choose the Dirty Dog Wash as their favorites, paws down!






What are your must-have favorite Pantry Products? We would love to know, so tell us below!

Have a great day!
– The Pantry Team
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